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Versatile, creative, talented, this young gentleman has become known across Barbados via a number of means but mostly through his entertainment and comedy. Chrispen started off with NIFCA in 2006, with a self penned piece “JC Penny” which earned him a NIFCA silver award and two other incentive awards. 

He continued with NIFCA in 2007 and 2008 winning a number of other awards. This is testimony to this young actor’s quest for greater things. His presence at NIFCA did not go unnoticed and in 2008 he transferred onto the “Laff it Off” stage where he was a cast member for 8 years. In October 2015 he embarked on a different journey with fellow actor Simon Alleyne and his brother Kareem Hackett. More recently he is known as the comedic duo “Rum and Koke”. 

Aside from his love for comedy and acting Chrispen and his brother Kareem have a passion for music and this is seen especially when they are executing their DJ work. They both have a wide repertoire of music selection and can cater from “back in time” to the latest hits. 

He has achieved his associate degree in mass communication, bachelor’s degree in linguistics and is completing his masters in tourism and events management. Chrispen is now on a journey focused on radio and his other passion, the field of tourism. 

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