North Korea missile test was ‘new type of ballistic rocket’

North Korea has claimed that the missile it tested on Sunday was a new type of rocket capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead. The missile, launched at a steep angle, reached an altitude of 2,000km (1,242 miles) and travelled about 700km, landing in the sea west of Japan. North Korea said on Monday it […]


India child rape victim in abortion plea

A panel of doctors is meeting in India to decide if a 10-year-old rape victim can be allowed to undergo an abortion. The girl was repeatedly raped by her stepfather and is due to give birth in four months, police in the northern town of Rohtak told the BBC. He has been arrested and detained […]


Morning update via Barbados Today May 12, 2017

Teachers to step up industrial action today over dismissals. A former school principal describes the Education Minister Jones as the worse ever Share :


California governor withholds $50 million from University of California over audit report

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced Thursday that he is withholding $50 million from the University of California in light of an audit last month that claimed to have found a stash of $175 million in secret funds while officials requested more money from the state. In his latest budget proposal for California’s 2017-2018 fiscal year, […]


Arctic summit: Trump to make ‘right decision for the US’ on climate

The US will consider its interests first as it reviews its climate change policy, the secretary of state says. Rex Tillerson told a meeting of the eight Arctic nations in Alaska that the US would not rush to make a decision and would consider their views. President Donald Trump has expressed doubts over the human […]


FBI row: Trump warns Comey over leaks to media

US President Donald Trump has warned fired former FBI chief James Comey against leaking material to the media. In a tweet on Friday he said Mr Comey had “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations”. Mr Comey, who had been leading an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the US election, was […]


Morning update via Barbados Today May 10, 2017

One attorney has been suspended after being found guilty of professional misconduct, while another is charged with withholding thousands of dollars from clients. The Central Bank of Barbados announces tighter monetary controls. Share :

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